Swedish EdTech Company Indextra Launches First-of-Its-Kind Subscription Library App to Doctors and Medical Students

Swedish EdTech Company Indextra Launches First-of-Its-Kind Subscription Library App to Doctors and Medical Students


STOCKHOLM, November 8, 2018              (Newswire.com) – The Swedish app developer and EdTech company Indextra rolls out a new medical library app targeted to health care professionals. This is the first app of its kind, with complete medical textbooks from eight different publishing houses on a subscription business model.

For doctors, this solves the problem of books often being outdated and not accessible when needed. With Indextra they don’t have to rely on online search results for important clinical decisions. For students, who are often financially strapped yet spend on average $4301 per year on literature, Indextra is great value for money and allows them to study on the go.

“Indextra is like your favourite music streaming service but for medical textbooks, and searchable not just for songs and albums but also the lyrics. Also, since it’s based on textbooks, every single search result is already checked, verified and unbiased. We see this as an invaluable tool for both doctors and medical students, as a quick reference for research and studying,” says Magnus Olofsson, CMO & Head of Product at Indextra.

Indextra doesn’t just include textbooks – the new app is intended as a one-stop-shop for medical references, including drug guides, clinical guidelines and medical calculators. Books are available on- and offline, and can be bookmarked, highlighted and annotated – perfect for studying.

“Up to now, digital textbooks have been either in pdf or ePub format, with the often-frustrating experience of pinching and panning and getting lost. We reformat the books for optimized reading on a mobile screen. Also, you can search across the entire library in one go, meaning that it’s essentially a search engine but with only 100 percent trusted medical information,” says Magnus Olofsson.

The publishing partners are the established heavy-hitters Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Wiley and Taylor & Francis, as well as the newer and exciting crowd-sourced publisher Zeshan Qureshi. The app also contains material from the UK National Health Services (NHS), the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, DataPharm and the WHO.

The Indextra app is available worldwide for iOS, Android and PC/Mac.

”We see the medical field as the first step. All industries that to some extent rely on textbooks are possible future markets,” says Magnus Olofsson.


About Indextra

Indextra is a medical resource library app that includes over 500 English language medical textbooks as well as drug guides, clinical guidelines and medical calculators. It’s an excellent value study tool for students and it optimises doctors’ time by providing credible and validated information instantly. The app is available both online and offline, for iPhone, Android and on desktop.